The best personal loans of 2023: the top selection

The best personal loans of 2023: the top selection


If you want to finance a project quickly, or you need urgent money, the personal loan is an excellent solution. However, finding a personal loan with a low interest rate, low fees, and terms that fit your budget takes time and persistence.

You can save your energy  : I have reviewed the various personal loan offers in order to list the 5 best on the market. Among the selection criteria, you will find the flexibility of the credit, the flexibility of the entry and subscription conditions, as well as the competitiveness of the rates.

My first choice is FLOA Bank which makes you benefit from a personal loan without proof and without obligation to open a bank account. Read on to discover all the terms and characteristics of the best personal loans of the year as well as our advice for making your choice.

The 5 best personal loan offers

The FLOA Bank personal loan is an unallocated loan that does not require proof of use.  You can therefore borrow between €3,000 and €50,000 to finance any project, and even several projects at the same time, over a repayment period ranging from 6 to 84 months. This is an accessible loan  with no processing fees. You are not required to open a FLOA Bank bank account to take out a personal loan.

In addition, the monthly payments of the personal loan are flexible and adjustable at no additional cost. It is possible to take advantage of a modulation and a break in repayments if you face a temporary difficulty. FLOA Bank authorizes you to readjust your monthly payments at any time and allows you to shift up to 3 monthly payments per year. To do this, simply contact your advisor to let him or her know your financial situation. This will offer you a total or partial deferral depending on your resources and the capital you still have to repay.

In addition to flexible conditions, I particularly appreciate that the application, underwriting and management of the FLOA Bank loan is done entirely online .  The simulation tool is simple and transparent. In a few clicks, the organization displays precise information on the costs and characteristics of your personal loan. You make your request and receive an immediate response in principle , upload your supporting documents and sign your contract electronically. Finally, the management of your personal loan is done through the FLOA Bank customer area.

If FLOA Bank unfortunately does not grant loans to people in a situation of banking prohibition, it displays rates among the most competitive on the market . The online bank applies a fixed APR (Annual Annual Effective Rate) from 0.2%, which can vary according to the duration of the loan and the nature of the project.

What I like best about Younited Credit is that you can take out a personal loan the same day . Indeed, provided you request a loan less than or equal to €3,000 and use the banking aggregator, the organization gives you an immediate definitive answer. If your credit is over €3,000, you get a final response from the establishment within 24 hours.

All the steps are therefore done online, which represents a considerable saving of energy. During the simulation, Younited Credit offers you several options regarding the amount of your monthly payments, which allows you to choose the one that suits you best. In addition, the organization has implemented a secure connector that allows you to synchronize your bank account and provide the necessary documents to Younited Credit in a few clicks.

The other significant advantage of the Younited Credit personal loan is that there are no hidden fees.  The organization’s service fees, which are minimal, are included in the rate of your credit. By performing a loan simulation, I found that the breakdown of credit costs between interest and service charges are clearly displayed in your offer . To give you an example, if you borrow €8,000 over 36 months, the proposed rate is 4.92% and the service charges, included in this rate, are €69.48.

The Younited Credit personal loan does not require any proof of use of the funds because it is an unallocated credit. Even if the latter is difficult to access for people in a difficult or precarious financial situation, it is possible to borrow up to €50,000 over a period of 6 to 84 months. The rates applied vary between 0.1% to 17.40% depending on the repayment period and the amount borrowed.

The Cofidis personal loan is a good solution if you want to borrow more than €3,000. Indeed, below this amount, the establishment only offers a revolving credit. The loan ceiling is limited to €35,000, which is lower than most competing establishments which go up to €50,000, but the credit is unaffected whatever your project.

Thus, it is possible to finance several projects with a single Cofidis personal loan .  This can be the purchase of equipment, a trip, carrying out work in your apartment, or even the purchase of a car. Interest rates do not vary according to the nature of the project, so you benefit from the best rate offered by Cofidis.

The steps to subscribe to a personal loan are done online except for the sending of supporting documents which must be done by mail, which I regret. On the other hand, Cofidis sends you an immediate response in principle during the simulation. Once your file is accepted, Cofidis sends you the funds within 48 hours to your bank account.

All Cofidis personal loans are attached to a competitive fixed APR. The call rate is 0.9% and I note that the rates do not vary greatly, even if the repayment period is long . For example, I carried out a simulation for a personal loan of €8,000 over a period of 60 months. The organization offers a fixed APR of 4.91%  and there are no application fees.

The Cetelem personal loan offers great flexibility. It allows you to pay reduced monthly payments during the first 6 months of repayment of your loan . Cetelem has also added a “levels” option, which you can select when subscribing to the loan. With it, your first monthly payments can be reduced by 50%. However, this means that the monthly payments after 6 months will be higher, but they will remain fixed until the end of the contract.

In addition, Cetelem offers a personal loan with a high ceiling: €75,000. Since it is an unallocated credit, it is an excellent solution for financing a large personal project or even several projects, such as a world tour and computer equipment. Depending on the amount and duration of your loan, you benefit from a fixed APR between 1.9% and 20.57%.

As for the steps, I appreciate that they are carried out in a few minutes entirely online . All you have to do is carry out the loan simulation and complete your credit application. The loan contract is signed electronically and your receipts can be scanned, which represents a considerable saving of time. You will receive an immediate response in principle from Cetelem, then a final response maximum 72 hours after receipt of your complete file.

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